Evileegee is an evil [[1]] that committed many horrible crimes just for the fun of it.  

Origins: Edit

He was once an normal fakegee but he was very broke, and had no job, so he decided to rob an bank. Soon he began to go crazy and killed dozens of fakegees and [[2]] just for fun. He claims killing is fun and good exercise, proving his insanity. He robbed many banks and even tried to murder [[3]] but it failed.


One day, he was planning to kill [[4]] and [[5]] when [[6]] came and bothered Evileegee. It drove him insane, so he tried to shoot Pestgario, but it missed and it an window. Soon he was busted and arrested.

Life in Jail: Edit

Life is jail was not easy, but he managed to get everyone away from him since he was basically insane. While in jail, he discovered an secret exit, but he needed someone else to come with him as the the entrance was near impossible to go without 2 people pushing through because there was an rock in the way.

Death: Edit

He saw an [Prisoner|fakealleo] going into his cell, they were basically cell-mates now. They quickly became friends, as they both had the same murderous thrill in robbing and murder. He soon learned he's been going through other cells for 5 years due to his violent behavior, and that today was his last time here before execution.He felt bad for the fakealleo so he told him that there was an secret exit in the jail. They pushed the rock out and escaped. When they escaped one of the guards saw them running to the city, and alerted the prison, they began shooting at them, the fakealleo escaped but Evileegee was shot in the head, and he died quickly.

Crimes Evileegee made: Edit

Robbing an bank:

This seems to be more of an sport than an risk now to Evileegee, since he always seem to get away by jumping from building to building. He had robbed 987654586546476545876543458987654 banks before he got arrested.


More of an hobby, Evileegee loves to kill [[7]] and [[8]], just for the fun of it. Ceegee and Calleo were his last attempted murder, thanks to Pestgario.

Sexual Harassment:

.....That one speaks for itself.